Updated: Wed 22 May 2019

Rules of the P&O Ferries Limited (“P&O Ferries”) Concessionary Fare Scheme

1. Eligibility

To be eligible for the full concession set out in Section 2.1, you must be the registered holder of a minimum of 600 concessionary units issued by P&O Ferries (“P&O Concessionary Units”).  To be eligible for the half concession set out in Section 2.1, you must be the registered holder of a minimum of 300 P&O Concessionary Units. To be eligible for your concession, you must be the registered holder of the relevant number of P&O Concessionary Units (i) on the 31 December falling immediately before the date of travel (or on such other date as the directors of P&O Ferries (the “Directors”) shall, by not less than twelve months advance notice, determine), (ii) at the time of application to travel and (iii) at the time of travel. Your reduction is based on the number of P&O Concessionary Units you hold, as they are recorded in the register of members of the P&O Ferries concessionary fare scheme. 

  1. P&O Concessionary Units registered in joint names will be treated as held by the first name of the joint unit holder as they are recorded in the register of members of the P&O Ferries concessionary fare scheme.
  2. Only individual unit holders can be eligible for fare discounts under these rules. No company or other body is eligible.

A unit holder who is eligible by virtue of compliance with these requirements is herein referred to as a  “qualifying unit holder”.

2. Concessions and Entitlements

Subject to the provisions of these rules:

 2.1 A qualifying unit holder is entitled to a reduction on the fare set out in the Unit Holders Brochure in respect of each reservation made for a return journey by private motorcar (or motorised caravan or motorcycle) with up to 4 accompanying passengers, including the driver and the unit holder if not the driver, on the following routes operated by P&O Ferries or other members of the P&O Ferries group:

Fare Discount  Full concession  Half concession 
Dover Calais    50%  25%
Hull Zeebrugge/ Rotterdam   40%  20%
Cairnryan Larne and Liverpool Dublin 25%  12.5%

2.2     These discounts (the “Concessions”) are available on all sailings on these routes other than excluded sailings – see rule 3.1 below.
2.3     The qualifying unit holder who makes the reservation need not own the vehicle but must be one of the passengers accompanying it; proof of his identity may be required at the point of departure or arrival point, or at any time during the voyage.
2.4     Two fare paying children (as identified in the appropriate fare brochure) shall be treated as one passenger for the purpose of these rules for Cairnryan Larne and Liverpool Dublin crossings.
2.5     Concessions may be applied for by a qualifying unitholder for an unlimited number of return journeys. The Directors, at their discretion, may, by not less than one year ’s notice, limit the number of return journeys to not less than two in a year, of which only one could be taken in June to September (inclusive).

3. Other Terms and Conditions

 3.1     Each calendar year, P&O Ferries’ Concessionary Fare department will publish a notice stipulating a limited number of peak sailings (which the Directors, in their reasonable opinion, consider certain to become fully booked) in respect of which the Concessions will not be available for the succeeding year. For the purpose of these rules, references to “excluded sailings” shall mean sailings stipulated in such a notice published in accordance with this rule.
3.2     A qualifying unit holder shall not be entitled, by virtue of these rules, to any right of priority to any reservation. All applications for reservations will be processed in order of receipt.
3.3     These rules apply only to the vehicle and accompanying passenger rates set out in the Unit Holders Brochure and not to rates which have already been discounted or which are or form part of cheap return, minicruise, motorist’s short bargain holiday, inclusive holiday or any other special promotion, offer or package. Senior citizens, HM Forces and other special groups do not qualify for any additional discounts under these rules.
3.4     Concessions will not be granted under these rules in respect of passengers travelling without a vehicle or in respect of caravans, trailers, minibuses or commercial vehicles, charges for sleeping accommodations, catering facilities, the purchase of goods on board or any products, facilities or services provided by any company in the P&O Ferries group, accept as indicated in rule 2.1 above.
3.5     Fares issued at a discount under these rules will be valid only on the services to which these rules apply, and will not be transferable to a ferry operated by any other company or concern to which these rules do not apply. A reservation made or boarding pass issued is personal to the applicant and may not be transferred to another person.
An amendment of a reservation made or ticket issued at a discount under these rules may result in an additional charge for the difference between the full fare and the discount fare if such an amendment involves travel on a sailing for which no discount is available under these rules.
3.6     Concessions will only be granted under these rules in respect of return (two way) journeys to be completed within 12 months of the date of application. No refunds will be given if the return journey is not made unless this results in the fare paid being greater than the full fare for the single journey made, in which case the excess of the amount paid over such full fare will be refunded upon the request in writing of the applicant, after deduction of any applicable administrative charge. All single (one way) journeys will be charged at the one-way standard rate.
3.7     A qualifying unit holder will only be entitled to the Concessions under these rules in respect of carriage of vehicles used exclusively for social, domestic and pleasure purposes.
3.8     Tickets will be issued at a discount under these rules only in respect of a specified sailing and may not be open-dated.

4. Application Procedures

4.1     Applications for reservations under these rules can be made with P&O Ferries by calling 0800 877 8780 (00-44-1304 44 88 88 from outside the UK) and quoting the unit holder reference number. Bookings under these rules can also be made via P&O Ferries’ website and entering the unit holder number and log on, as detailed in the accompanying letter.
4.2     Applications under these rules cannot be accepted in any other way, in particular by application made in person.
4.3     An application under these rules will be treated as made on the date on which it was processed by P&O Ferries.
4.4.    No fare discount can subsequently be granted in respect of a reservation made or ticket purchase otherwise than in accordance with these rules.
4.5     In the event of cancellation or amendment of a reservation made under these rules and in the event of a refund, P&O Ferries shall be entitled in its discretion to require payment of an administrative charge for the out of pocket expense incurred in relation thereto.

5. Special Provisions

5.1     These rules do not create any obligation from P&O Ferries to continue to operate sailings on the car ferry routes specified in rule 2 above or any additional routes to which these rules may, at the discretion of the Directors, be applied.
5.2     P&O Ferries reserves the right at any time to withdraw benefits available under these rules in respect of any qualifying unit holders breaching these rules.
5.3     These rules may not be varied in any material way unless such a variation is approved by a majority of not less than 75% in nominal value of the P&O Concessionary Units voted at a meeting of the holders of the P&O Concessionary Units convened for the purpose of considering such variation. The Directors reserve the right to make such other variations (of a non-material nature) to these rules as they shall consider necessary or appropriate in order fairly to reflect any changes in the operating practices of P&O Ferries after the adoption of these rules.  Any such variations will be notified to the holders of the P&O Concessionary Units in writing.
5.4     The Directors may, at any time, by notice in writing to the unit holders, discontinue the Concessions if they decide (having first received a report from a suitably qualified independent adviser stating that the Directors’ decision is reasonable in the circumstances deemed to be relevant by such adviser) that by reason of any event(s) or circumstance(s), the right to participate in the Concessionary Fare Scheme is illegal, materially prejudicial to the interests of those unit holders, no longer of material benefit to those unit holders or is materially prejudicial to the interest of P&O Ferries, or any member of the P&O Ferries group, as a result of changes in the law or the interpretation or application thereof.
5.5     No exemptions or exceptions from the provisions of these rules shall be made or recognised in any case.
5.6     Reservations made under these rules shall be without prejudice to and subject to and upon the normal terms and conditions of carriage otherwise applicable, copies of which are available upon request.